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Sportsmen Against Hunger

Since Safari Club International started the Sportsmen Against Hunger program in 1989, tens of millions of meals have been served at local soup kitchens, food banks, or other charitable organizations (state list of registered relief organizations), such as The Salvation Army. With most huntable wildlife populations on the rise, annual donations of wild game meat and fish to those in need have increased, and continue to increase with each year.

Some hunters take their harvest to a licensed meat processor (state list of registered meat processors), pay for the processing themselves, and then donate the meat to the needy. Other hunters choose to share the meat from their freezers throughout the year. Because the demand for low-fat, low-cholesterol, preservative-free, high-protein meat is so great, these offerings by SCI members are vital to the nutritional success of food banks across America and the world.

Through the international network of SCI chapters, several thousand volunteer members and friends continually explore opportunities to feed the hungry. Usually, most SCI members make individual donations.

As of September 2010, the SCI Foundation has partnered with the Outdoor Channel to host Sportsmen Against Hunger feasts in conjunction with SCI chapters in certain venues nationwide.

The SCI Foundationhas also purchased 20state-of-the-art Hobart commercial meat grinders for nationwide distribution to well-established relief organizations and soup kitchens to assist them in providing much-needed protein to the hungry in a more economical fashion. To date, 18 of these units have been delivered andthe remainingtwoare in the planning stages.

Each January, the Sportsmen Against Hunger program partners with The Salvation Army to serve full-course meals to the needy and homeless at our annual "Feed The Hungry Feast" (photos)on the eve of the SCI Hunters' Convention. In 2011, we served 1,300 meals.

For more information on Sportsmen Against Hunger, contact SCI Foundation Humanitarian Services Department at 520-620-1220


SCI Foundation has developed online databases of over 1,300meat processors and hundreds ofHunger Relief Organizations that are willing to process or receive wild game meat as part of SCI Foundation's Sportsmen Against Hunger program. Just click on a state to locate processors and to donate any extra harvested wild game meat you may have to the relief organization of your choice.