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Disabled Hunter & Pathfinder Award

The Disabled Hunter Program was designed to foster and promote opportunities for disabled hunters to experience the hunting tradition and heritage, and to recognize the individual's perseverance in hunting activities.

Disabled hunters and shooters across the country are benefiting from the generous gifts of time, goods, and services provided by SCI members. In an effort to make outdoor sports available and accessible to individuals with disabilities, SCI members and entire SCI Chapters work hard to support projects for these sportsmen and women. Since 2005, SCI Chapters have provided 1,009 disabled hunters with hunting opportunities duringnumerous chapter events for disabled hunters of all ages, including veterans and youth.

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Through a network of SCI chapters around the world, members have created partnerships with both public and private organizations, as well as with generous individuals, who support the Disabled Hunter program, always hoping to improve the quality of life for hunters and shooters with disabilities.
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Pathfinder Award

When an individual is faced with overcoming a physical challenge or disability that is capable of blocking the "routine" way forward through life, (including hunting and shooting), he or she must discover previously unexplored regions of self-esteem, self-worth, courage, persistence, and determination. Through trial and error, success and failure, the pathfinder, with a "never quit" attitude, works hard to discover his or her own way through life. According to Webster's Dictionary, apathfinder is"one who discovers a way into or through unexplored regions."

Annually, the world's most accomplished hunters recognize this individual as an ambassador for other "pathfinders" seeking leadership and promise when faced with similar challenges. There is no common path; each individual's journey is unique and sacred. 2014 Pathfinder Award Application (PDF)

Cross, 2013 Pathfinder Award Winner2013: Aaron Cross

At 15, Aaron was an avid athlete with dreams of Olympic glory. On May 18, 1991, Aaron had a bicycle accident.

Jones, 2013 Pathfinder Award Winner2013: Eric Jones

Brad Eric Jones grew up on Guntersville Lake in the hills ofnorth Alabama. He was a passenger in a car accident at sixteen that paralyzed him from the chest down.

2014 2013 2012
Aaron Cross Bradley Garfield
Eric Jones Doug Bermel
2011 2010 2009
Chris Clasby Chad Waligura Gregory A. Stube
Eric Edmundson Rick T. Ramsey Edward Mays
2008 2007 2006
Camrom Tribolet Stanley S. McGowen Mike Schmitz
Louis J. Riccardi Ronald (Paul) McDowell Brad Skramstad

For additional information about the Pathfinder Award, contact:
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