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What AWLS Participants Have to Say About AWLS...

Sarah Sexton, Arkansas

˵Where do I start? A teacher in my ten-county service area said I should do this class about a year ago because of my interactions with educators, students, and community leaders. He was so right! It was the most outstanding week I have ever spent. What you all do out there in just a weekˊs time is amazing, with each person having a special set of skills to make a week of long days a lot of fun as well. I wish we could clone all of you guys out to each state and let you do your magic. The shooting sports training was wonderfully done. The information and thought provoking topics covered and discussed in the classroom were done in such a way that differing views were brought to light, but with respect for others.˵

Gwen Mickelson, Wisconsin

˵Each and every instructor shared their wealth of knowledge with patience and enthusiasm which I greatly appreciated as I never before held a bow or shot trap. I felt at ease, even as a beginner amongst those with much more experience, thanks to the staff. I learned so much from them. I am grateful for not only increased knowledge but excellent environmental curriculum materials as well. I often borrowed a friendˊs Project Wild book and am happy now to have a copy of my own.˶

Kim Ceccatti, Pennsylvania

˵I just got back from my first experience with AWLS. What an amazing learning experience! I come from PA, where although there are many hunters in the area, I had never been around guns or fully understood the importance of hunting in our community. The first time I held a gun was at AWLS and my legs were shaking like a leaf at first. But by the end of the week, I can honestly say that my legs were no longer shaking, and I became a lot more comfortable handling guns of all types. I am now bragging to my friends back home that I am certified in basic shotgun, rifle and pistol and am trained to teach archery – how cool!!˶

John and Alane Wolner, Colorado

˵The program was obviously initiated and managed with teachers in mind. From the hands on use of firearms, archery and lab skills to the curriculum instruction on Project Wild and Project Wet, we were shown how to incorporate a variety of approaches with our own students at our respective schools. It was very nice to work with a rich mix of teachers from elementary to secondary since the two of us represent both areas. We both found the activities we were involved with will be very useful in our classrooms. We both found that the time to work on planning and sharing lessons from Project Wild was useful for seeing how easily we can expand our own implementation in the classroom. Most of all, we would like to thank you for the opportunity that reminded both of us that experiencing the natural world should and will be incorporated into the preparation of our youth for the lives they will lead as well rounded adults.˶

Katherine Kunze, Michigan

˵I cannot begin to express my appreciation to everyone involved with my recent experience at AWLS. It was truly a phenomenal experience that changed my life. I had not really had much experience with SCI Foundation until recently when I began communicating with our local SCI Chapter about this amazing program. I have learned a lot about what you do and have respect for the work that you are doing. ˵

Troy Dankemeyer, Wisconsin

˵Thank you for sponsoring me to AWLS. It was an unbelievable school filled with professionals in each of their respective fields, whether it was the professors teaching the courses, or the many speakers we had through the week. The training and certification we receive in that seven days will be invaluable as an educator and professional in the land management field for me in the future. The highlight of the school for me hands down was watching approximately a half dozen people who had never handled a bow or gun before, get an absolute thrill of shooting the rifles, shotguns, pistols and bows.

Marissa Echenique and Alexandra Davis, South Carolina

˵Weˊre excited to introduce the outdoor classroom to our students. We will also be sharing what we learned with our science teachers throughout the district, so children across the county can gain a greater appreciation for their environment through this curriculum.˶