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Conservation: Africa Program

Recent News

Watch the Video: This forum offers a unique opportunity for all the wildlife officials and other interested parties from essential sub-Saharan countries to meet on issues of common interests.

The AWCF is one of the largest activities supported by the SCI Foundation,which brings together most countries in sub-Saharan Africa for a week-long forum to discuss a wide range of wildlife management, conservation, and hunting priorities. This yearˊs forum will be held at the Chobe Marina Lodge in Kasane, Botswana, 16-24 September 2012. The preliminary schedule for the 2012 AWCF will focus on preparations for the CITES Sixteenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties, rhinoceros conservation, leopard population status, lion management and reports on current policies and regulations for each country present. Our involvement with AWCF also promotes SCI Foundation as the voice for sustainable wildlife conservation with decision makers around the world.

Ongoing Projects

SCI Foundation's Africa wildlife conservation program is centered on the principles of sustainable use. As we have seen with many species throughout Africa, conservation is most effective when wildlife has a value to humans. Well-regulated hunting has created this value and generates revenue for wildlife management. We continue to develop partnerships with wildlife agencies, local communities, private sector hunting companies, and other conservation organizations to work on predator management, human-wildlife conflict, and anti-poaching.

Capacity Building: African Wildlife Consultative Forum

The AWCF is one of the largest activities supported by the SCI Foundation Conservation Committee and brings together most of the hunting countries in sub-Saharan Africa for a week-long forum to discuss a wide range of wildlife management, conservation and hunting priorities.

Wildlife Professional Development

Educate and empower Africans in the field of natural resource management, helping build their professional careers in African wildlife conservation and management.

Wildlife Management:Elephant

Once a threatened species under the ESA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Division of Management Authority, authorized the importation of sport hunted elephant trophies taken in the 2011 hunting season.

Wildlife Management:Lion

This action will review the population status of lions and determine whether existing policies are nondetrimental and sustainable across multiple Range States. The results from three recent SCI Foundation-funded lion population surveys will be published in peer reviewed literature.

Anti-poaching Efforts: Rhino

SCI Foundation supports several anti-poaching projects in multiple African states. Current projects are centered on rhinoceros conservation in Zimbabwe and South Africa, as well as wildlife generally in Tanzania.

Wildlife Conservation: Genetics

To collect and store DNA material from all African wildlife for the purpose of future mammalian genetic research.

Human-Wildlife Conflict

To mitigate the negative impacts predators have on humans and livestock in rural Africa and improve tolerance for their coexistence. Currently, we are researching spotted hyaena ecology in the Caprivi Region of Namibia.