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For the first time ever, SCI Foundation will be hosting an Online Conservation Auctionin June.
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Animal ˵Protection˶ Groups Doing Little to Protect African Lions
New Report Shows How Animal Rights Hypocrites Keep Lionˊs Share of Donations,
Stiff African Communities.
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The SCI Foundation conservation team funds and manages worldwide programs dedicated to wildlife conservation. Each of our programs – Africa, Asia, and North America – have specific areas of focus, from disease to predator-prey interaction to conservation to hunting management. We work closely with SCI Chapters and members to advance hundreds of local, regional, and global wildlife conservation projects each year. Chapters around the world are involved in projects to promote conservation of wildlife.

"We hunter-conservationists understand the role that humans play in disrupting the harmony of the natural world. The consequences of having overabundant white-tailed deer in local temperate forests in the United States parallel the problems that lead to tragic lion attacks on villagers and livestock in the grasslands of Botswana. We strive to preserve game and non-game species and wet and dry habitats as part of our responsibility to the land that we have come from, in concert with conditions accepted on a local and global scale.

"As members of a worldwide conservation organization, we are more than passive observers of the natural world. We gain an intimate awareness and appreciation of the natural settings as we hunt. We also work very hard to help preserve the worldwide hunting heritage, which plays such an important role to the use of science and knowledge toward effective conservation efforts and wise practices of sustainable use of our wildlife resources."

Joe Hosmer

Excerpt by Joe Hosmer,
"SCI Foundation's Primary Mission: Promoting Wildlife Conservation Worldwide"