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SCI Foundation Annual Report

2013 Annual Report (PDF)

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As hunters, we have many opportunities to be thankful throughout the year and particularly during our hunting seasons. We cherish our days afield with family, friends, and maybe a special birddog or two.

This love of the outdoors and respect for those that promote our hunting traditions draws many to help in conservation initiatives. Unlike other international non-profits, Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) focuses our efforts to promote conservation through science and education and to achieve tangible results for the future of hunting. As you will read, in just the last three years, the SCI Foundation has exceeded expectations. Like so many of you, our conservation programs are our true passion. That is why so many follow their passion and make annual donations to keep our passion moving forward.

Like many volunteers, my personal passion for successful conservation programs is what brought me to this organization. In example, this year we hosted our 12th annual African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) in Zambia. In unprecedented openness, SCI Foundation gathers African government officials, representatives from professional hunting associations, CITES, non-governmental organizations, the scientific community, and other stake holders to address Africa's most pressing conservation issues. The forum allows African countries and the other organizations to voice their opinions and influence policy makers worldwide. All participants report on scientifically driven research to aid in their Global decision-making.

In addition to our worldwide conservation efforts, outdoor education is a critical component of our mission. The cornerstone of our outdoor education programs is the American WildernessLeadership School (AWLS). The AWLS experience opens hearts and minds of educators by enhancing their understanding of wildlife ecology through our hunting heritage. The ripple effect caused by "teaching the teachers" means that SCI Foundation can deliver the hunter conservationist curriculum, through the educators, for generations in the classroom.

I have highlighted only two programs of the SCI Foundation, but there are countless other projects sponsored by the foundation. We advocate for wildlife conservation, outdoor education, humanitarian and veteran activities, maintain a wildlife museum and work with the Boy Scouts of America with youth programs. We do this well and we do this in communities, both domestically and internationally.

Know that SCI Foundation is a unique organization, with proven programs for today's hunters, as well as, future generations of outdoorsmen and women. SCI Foundation displays many of the principles I hold dear, for that, I am proud to serve such a fantastic wildlife organization as its President. I hope our paths cross out in the field someday soon.Until then…


Joseph H. Hosmer, President

Safari Club International Foundation